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Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm the owner of Vermillean Design. For me interior design is about elevating our everyday through beautiful objects and natural materials; by designing interiors that stimulate our senses and thereby creating a better quality of life. It's about designing interiors that prioritize our needs above the design. It's not about a look or a trend. It's about interiors that are not only comfortable and functional, but feel good to live in.

My purpose in collaborating with my clients is to create spaces that are beautiful and harmonious reflecting their taste and requirements. At Vermiilean Design, we believe that each project is a unique canvas in which we place our clients at the centre of our process beginning with how they relate and experience their environment. Believing interior design has an innate ability to transform the way we work and live, it should prioritize our well-being while enabling us to thrive.

Michelle Hill


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