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Home Tours: Princess Marie-Chantal

This 1913 New York townhouse is a home that most of us could only dream of! Owned by Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece and her husband Palvos, Crown Prince of Greece, the couple decide to relocate from their London home to New York. Two of their children were going to school in the US, so the move made sense.

Originally owned by her parents, the townhouse had been transformed during her partent's time by legendary Italian interior designer and architect Renzo Modgiardino. It was of that era with heavy woods and dark furniture. Marie-Chantal wanted to liven it up and make it fresh; and to do this she hired another legendary interior designer François Catroux. The two have known each other since her childhood and have remained friends ever since. The result of their partnership was a combination of retaining the classical architecture while keeping it modern, elegant and chic.

The gorgeous wood-panelled library with a bespoke chandelier mixed with with curved silhouettes and modern elements gives the space an elevated sophistication.

The entrance hall with the majestic arched ceilings and beautiful molding detail rivals any European grand manor or chateaux.

Greek klismos chairs surround the dining table anchored with a stunning ornate chandelier. A geometric carpet juxtaposed with with english inspired panelled walls is once daring yet genius!

And the tiger artwork... Stunning!

A nice picture here of Marie-Chantal and the next photo is a snapshot of her beautiful dressing room.

Here's a nice shot of Marie-Chantal's only daughter Olympia in her bedroom.

A beautiful detail on these closet doors. While the powder room is cool and elegant with de Gournay wallpaper.

I really like how the classic bones and architecture were preserved. The modern elements and the chic decor worked really well to give the space a freshness and liveliness that couldn't be accomplished any other way.



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