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Fifty Shades of Blue

What is it about blue that's so compelling? Perhaps it's the reminder of a beautiful clear sky or of a tropical ocean. Or even a deep sapphire. Or better yet, fresh seasonal blueberries! It's once calming yet royal; soothing yet rich. Blue is a colour that's so versatile. It's used on everything from fabrics to wallpaper, branding to cars. Plus it's both masculine and feminine. Honestly, I don't think that I've met a person who doesn't like blue.

So today on the blog we're looking at how Designer's Guild does blue so well. For those who don't know, Designer's Guild is an English home furnishing and textile company that was founded in 1970 by Tricia Guild. Now it's become a global brand which has continued to remain current, stay ahead of trends and simultaneously remaining timeless. But what I really love about them is their beautiful textile patterns and stunning range of colour palettes. And without exception, their rich chroma of blue hues are stunning. Everything from paint, to wallpaper, to fabric, their choice of blue is rich and highly pigmented.

And the wonderful thing about blue for an interior, I find, is that it doesn't tire or get boring. A light pale blue on the walls, or a patterned pillow or even a blue chair can go a long way. Plus blue goes really well with white, yellow, red, pink and green. For me, it's a staple colour that can be used in so many ways and on so many things.

To purchase this book click on the picture for the link.


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