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Home Tours: Patrick Dempsey

Situated in Malibu, California is an evocative home that once was considered radical and avant garde. With vaulted ceilings, angular walls and incredible light, it was originally designed as live / work space by Frank Gehry for artist Ron Davis. Though the house was built in 1968, the integrity and spirit still remain. For Patrick Dempsey and his family, the new iteration embodies more of a domestic life with grouped seatings, an indoor bar centrally located on the main floor and a garden that would rival those southern French ones that are wild yet wonderfully inviting.

From the moment that you enter the home, there's a feeling of tranquility and yet because of the massive skylight, the sunlight that pours in brings an energy that's lively and invigorating. With the rustic wooden floors, carpeted areas and two huge trees, there's a warmth that makes you linger. For furniture combinations that aren't particularly of any style, they're perfectly proportioned and grouped together so that one feels completely welcomed and at ease.

To me this is a home that though built and designed well, has a soul and a structure enabling the family that lives here to flourish and thrive.

A pivot door opens to the front hall with a fluorescent tube installation by Robert Irwin.

Stacked wood housed in what could be considered massive bookcases provides a stunning display as well as a sound absorber for the open living areas.

Black and white fashion photographs by Melvin Sokolsky hang above the banquet.

A retro hanging chair and mirror from the 60's.

The outdoor eating area framed by a metal wicker canopy.

Plenty of seating and gardens abound. Plus who wouldn't want to have an airstream in their backyard!

Photo Credits: Architectural Digest



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