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Colour Pop

Lydia Delgado shop in Barcelona

Sifting through Pinterest the other day I came across this wonderful Spanish fashion designer, Lydia Delgado. If there was ever a colour palette I would dream in these colours! Soft, yet vibrant hues of pinks, blues, purples and a smattering of yellow and orange - these colours bring joy to any wardrobe. Added with black brings drama and contrast. The clothing is relaxed yet maintains a classic silhouette added with whimsical frills and flowy fabric.

A wonderful display of the clothes! Added with the black and white lamp (if i could ever get my hands on that!!) and colourful artwork really creates a composition that's far from boring.

Black and white, so classic! Yet the white isn't a crisp white, it's a soft off white that elevates the black to give a sophistication that an ordinary white may not do. Reminds me of a classic Chanel combo.

Ahhh, this artwork. So much whismy, colour and style! Don't know who the artist is, maybe Lydia herself. But oh so fun!

Hands down, pink is my favourite colour; and in these tones too! I really like how Lydia takes the hues of pink to create texture and detail. Swooooning!! And the red shoes!

Lydia Delgado shop in Madrid

Painting burgundy and pink walls for a clothing store would be over the top for some. But the interior designer of the shop knew what they were doing. Having the colourful clothes on the pink side balances out the the dramatic burgundy ceiling and wall.

Light and dark contrast. Or soft and dramatic tension. Either way they both work. Allowing enough negative space to showcase whatever design, can highlight and give drama or can soften and give focus.

So what a treat to have discovered this Spanish fashion designer. On my next trip to Spain (though not sure when that'll be), I'll definitely be visiting this store!



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