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Hermès: The Art of Silk Marbling

When I think of Hermès, I think of their rich, elegant and beautifully designed scarves. A luxury brand of the highest order, they do the scarf like no other.

A Japanese silk marbling technique that was recently discovered by the brand, took them about 10 years to find the Nose family, in Kyoto, who could execute this craft. Originally it began in Japan in the 12th century by marbling paper. This technique, suminagashi (floating ink) made it's way to Europe and was applied to fabric. In 1963, the father of the Nose family went to Germany to learn the craft to bring it back to Japan. Now they are only the producers of this technique left in the world.

These scarves are the epitome of the Hermès orange with exquisitely wrought detail and pattern!

This Hermès scarf is made using the silk marbling technique and I believe that it was a limited addition as it's no longer listed on their site:( But what gorgeous colours and movement it has with the texture and pattern!

Check out the video below to see how Hermès used these craftsmen/women for their brand.


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