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Inspiring Home Offices

With quarantine still in place and more time on my hands, I have been getting inspired with some beautiful home offices. It's interesting the shift that has taken place during this time; and with many people working from home, a home office has become the heartbeat of their daily productivity.

Like any room in a home, the functionality of a space is generally one first parts of the design process. For a home office this undertaking doesn't have to be a mammoth project. You can switch out a chair or repaint the walls, move your desk into a different position or even switch up the artwork. But if you really want to revamp a home office, what I'd suggest is consider how you want to use the space. Example: do you want to or need a lot of bookcases? do you want a large or small desk (if space permits)? will you be having clients over, or are you mainly working in sweats? what do you need accessible and how mush storage do you need? So many questions I know... but to examine these things can really help improve the space you're likely to spend a lot of time in. What I find is that once you've nailed down these decisions then the colour scheme and decor can really come alive and you can totally express your style.

So here are some home offices that have inspired me, for different reasons. In no particular order, each has it's own vibe and function. I find that each space is particular to the needs of their owners which creates a unique story.

A chic and vibrant office, this space is bold in style and daring in colour! Clearly a place to bring clients to, this office definitely stimulates creativity.

If space is an issue, this drop down desk is the perfect answer. Keeping things minimal and easy to close away, can really work. Also, some people have converted a closet into a workspace!

Okay, first off, I have to say that I love the print clash that's going on. I know that this is not for everyone, but I love the geometric the carpet paired with the almost plaid pattern chairs. As for function, this style icon and business women extraodinaire clearly needs to have a large desk to run

her global empire.

An all-white study designed by Desai/Chia.

Having a small office can be challenging, but using all available space for the desk area and then adding shelves can really improve functionality. Plus keeping it white makes things look more streamlined and uncluttered.

Love how the artwork is displayed in this midcentury inspired office. Just one colour print amongst black and white photography. Brilliant. Plus the scale of the pieces, both small and large, really works to give a playful vibe.

Anna Bond's home office - cofounder and creative director of Rifle Paper Co.

Since I first discovered Rifle Paper Co, I've loved their use of hand-painted floral patterns to define their brand. Used on everything from stationary, cups, bottles and iPhone cases, there's no limit to what these patterns can be applied to! But back to home offices... If your desk is against a wall then hanging art above can really create warmth and character.

A monochromatic story with a plash of colour!

Plus the sheer scale of the windows and the light that comes through is sure to uplift and inspire.

And lastly this traditional office is a great example of how built-ins can be used for ample storage with cupboards, drawers and lots of bookshelves!


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