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Parisian Chic

I'm always on the hunt to find more inspiration and my latest find is Parisian interior designer Laura Gonzalez. Her chic Parisian apartment knocked me out of the water! Combing classics with modern pieces and the bold yet elegant approach (that the French do so well) definitely comes through in her design. And she mixes textures so well. I really like the lacquered dining table paired with the platner arm chair. Even though this chair is so used at the moment, it doesn't look trendy. Her design firm focus' mainly on hospitality and restaurant projects, but residential she can definitely do!

Shall we have a tour?

The mixology of the velvet sofa/pillows, the lacquered coffee table and selection of colour harmonizes so well together. I love the whimsy lampshade.

And this kitchen... need I say more? The brass lower cabinets, who would have thought?


Lush and cozy. My kinda pace to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.


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