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A Feast for the Eyes

Nestled in South Vancouver amongst sprawling estates and horse country, Southlands Nursery is a treat and feast for they eyes. It's once a beautiful shop with selections of home décor and gardening tools and yet a sumptuous nursery with all sorts of flowers, plants and trees! Owned by Thomas Hobbs, who's style and taste has been providing us locals with inspiration for eons, this gem is sure to surprise and delight.

Though I have to confess, I don't have a green thumb, but I love a beautiful plant or flower. I have in the past put plants in my kitchen, which I find brings joy and life to any space. So those of you who love gardening this nursery has all on offer.

Lush flowers everywhere!

These urns are right out of an Italian garden. Rustic and noble, they look good pretty much anywhere. Maybe on the entry porch potted with beautiful topiaries?

A beautiful moment.

Just endless!

Reminding me of the french countryside with potted plants and splendid flowers, every turn brings fresh ideas. For instance, this cherub fountain sitting on what looks like a shell, perfect in a back garden with the sound of running water to sooth and relax.

With a large selection of seedlings on offer (displayed on the right), a sure inspiration to start that vegetable or flower garden!

Orchids anyone? Plenty to go around!

So summer is slowly winding down, but not over yet. Head down to Southlands and enjoy what's on offer - still time to be inspired before autumn.

Hoping everyone's enjoying the long weekend!


Photos Vermillean Design


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