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A Floral Celebration

Spring has arrived and I don't know about you, but the weather here has been such a blessing - sunny and warm for days and days, not usual for this time of year. And I can't hardly wait until things are open again so we can fully embrace going out and shopping!

Speaking of which...

A few months ago I was able to to pop into one our favourite floral boutiques here in Vancouver, Thomas Hobbs Florist. It's been serving us locals since 1975 and though it's changed ownership, it's remained a vibrant place to shop and visit. There's a lot on offer from floral arrangements, pots, plants, candles and a smattering of decor items here and there. What I like about this shop is how they've displayed their merchandise in a way that is welcoming yet organized, so you don't feel overwhelmed. And as I have mentioned before, I don't have a green thumb, but who doesn't love a fresh bouquet of flowers?! Whether you need flowers for a wedding or just that one rose, this floral boutique has all on offer.

So on that note, shall we have a tour?

A beautiful display on the left to welcome you as purchase your items.

I really like the neon light here. A little unexpected something to showcase some beautiful products.

What a gorgeous floral arrangement! Pink roses, always a winner!

An upstairs you say? Yup, more flowers; and if I'm not mistaken they may also have faux ones too!

Love the pots in the top shelf.

I mean... this lamp? Classic, yet modern - could fit almost any where.

A floral celebration.

With friendly staff on hand (shout out to Chelsea!) and wonderful flowers on offer, this floral shop is sure to delight. I really hope that the shops will be open for mother's day as this is the place to get mom that perfect gift!

Photos: Vermillean Design


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