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Chintz Victoria

I love the thrill of the hunt. Finding that one thing can be soooo fun! And sometimes I'm not looking for anything specific, but then suddenly there it is. That perfect candlestick, that unique vase or a beautiful picture that you know has just the right spot. And one place that is a treasure trove of delightful finds is Chintz in Victoria. From small decorative pieces to full scale furniture combined with a faux flower section (and yes, they look very real!) Chintz is a one-stop-shop.

Located in Victoria on Vancouver Island, us locals (well those of us that live on the mainland) have to take the ferry ride to get there, but that's not too much of a drag considering it's through the Gulf Islands. A beautiful day trip. Totally worth it.

The store itself is quite large and sits on two levels. Boasting styled vignettes on every turn, your eye is constantly greeted with sumptuous colours, unique combinations and just that bit of whimsy to keep you engaged. From modern pieces to more traditional ones, Chintz had created a repertoire of furnishings that feels fresh, curated and modern.

So changing up a space doesn't have to be a huge undertaking. Finding those unique pieces can transform a dressing table or bookshelf. And for something more intimate, like a candle or bath soap, can feel really luxurious and decadent. It really is the little things that can give us so much pleasure.


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